Aerosol Cans

Lanico have supplied more than 700 machines and systems for the production of necked in and straight walled Aerosol cans and are the market leader in the production of this type of machinery world wide.

Combining the different operations of individual machines, i.e. flanging, necking and double end seaming into a single machine, is the basic philosophy of our design concept. Lanico machines are known for their high efficiency and productivity, extreme reliability at low maintenance cost. Diameter and height changes are performed quickly and with repeated precision. The latest generation of machines and tooling allow production of 18bar Aerosol Cans manufactured from DR-plate down to a thickness 0.13 mm of both "C-" and "H-grain" without problem.

CF 5xx

240 / 320 / 500 min
ø 45 - 73 mm
h 80 - 300 mm