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General Line Can Making Equipment

The perfect synthesis of reliability, innovative technology and sophisticated design


The LANICO CF series was specially deve-loped for the production of three piece welded general line cans, combining se-veral production steps. Depending on the number of spindles the CF will perfectly match all requirements of medium and high speed general line can production. Equipped with 3 or 4 carousels the LANICO CF machines offer utmost flexibility and reliability for various applications.

Possible operations:

  • Necking
  • Flanging
  • Beading
  • Guard beeding
  • Curling
  • Seaming

Main characteristics

  • (depending on the machine type)
  • PLCControl
  • BUS System for I/O’s, safety and drives
  • Recipe Management System
  • Logical monitoring of all process cycles by sensors
  • Frequency controlled spindle drive
  • Individual spindle speed adjustment for each carousel
  • Automatic integrated line speed adaption
  • Servomotors for main drive, destacking units and infeed spirals
  • Touchpanel control
  • Automatic star wheel adjustment during motorised height change
  • Closed cam systems running in oil bath
  • Pressure lubrication system
  • Highly efficient noise protection housing (below 80 dbA) including ASI safety integration for the largely dimensioned sliding doors, windows from penetration resistant laminated glass, cooling fans to discharge the process heat, illumination

The Product Solution


Jürgen Krone

Head of Sales and Marketing

fon +49(0) 531.8090618

mobile +49 (0) 1761.8090618


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