Filter Industry, Capacitors
Automotive Applications

Standard, customized and tailored machines

LANICO Special Machines incorporate the most modern technology and are designed with experience gained over many years, from the supply of over 100.000 standard machines but also a wide range of customised and tailored machines, matching exactly our customer's special requirements.

The main concept of our machines is the incorporation of various operations and functions wherever possible and to tollow a design ensuring minimised change-over time.

LANICO Special Machines are available for...

Filter Applications
Oil Filters, Spin-On
Fuel Filters
Special Air Filters

Gas Generators for Airbag
Starter Relays
Fuel Pumps
Shock Absorbers
Silencer Housings

Industrial Applications
Electrical Parts

FVM 296-So

15 / min
ø 60 - 135 mm
h 60 - 300 mm


FEVA 446

double seam 37/min
L-seam 20/min
ø 72 x 116 mm
h 119 - 362 mm


FVAG 369

60 / min
ø 56 - 110 mm
h 50 - 250 mm