Here are some online dating statistics from the POF Blog. I believe these figures tend to be for 2011 and just worry the usa.

  • You’ll find 54 million singles
  • of these ten percent (5.5 million) are using an internet dating service
  • 2.6 million buy the service leaving 2.9 million which do not.
  • On the whole 8.8 million have experimented with internet dating

in line with the United States Census last year there are 95.9 million unmarried people in the united states. And so I think about 40 percent of the ought to be in a few sort of common-law commitment and merely have never married. It’s my opinion that the 10 percent figure of people that use internet dating sites probably have not altered much throughout the last 5 years. The key now for internet dating sites is to obtain another 49 million to use online dating sites.